Yesterday was a good day for gardening. It was one of those days that all of a sudden everything seemed to just explode and come more and more to life and I loved it. I think green may be my new favorite color. Our peas are starting to look more pea-y. Green beans popped up out of nowhere! (Ok, not nowhere – we planted seeds – but they hadn’t emerged from the dirt yet and all of a sudden there are tons of them!) Some bushes that we transferred from my parents’ yard to ours started to show new green leaves (which is great news because I was afraid they weren’t going to survive the move.) And I was able to harvest some spinach and arugula for a salad for dinner! I was literally giddy when Josh got home to tell him about all of the growth out there.

We pray together every night before bed and the thought came to me as I was praying about how thankful and lucky we are that God allows us to be a part of this growth process. What a beautiful thing the earth is and how cool is it that God made us this way to be able to work the land and see his creation do its thing! It made me think of Genesis and how God created Adam and “put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” This is what we’re created to do and as cheesy and ridiculous as I probably sound to you if you aren’t a gardener – it just feels right!

So thankful for so many things. That I married a guy who introduces me to things I would have never experienced – like gardening. That I serve a God who lets us play a part in beautiful things. That we’ve had sun and rain and warmth to have success. The list goes on… Who would have thought gardening would be this great?!

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