Less Pinterest, more me.

About a month ago I decided I wanted to have a pot of flowers outside our front door. So we bought this cedar planter that I thought was cute enough and cheap enough from Menards. That same Menards trip Josh asked me if I wanted to buy some flowers to put it in and I said, “I’m just not quite ready yet. I need to do some research and decide what I really want.” I am pretty sure we even went back a second time a few days later (Menards is 7 minutes from our house – it’s been pretty dangerous so far this spring…) and I still wasn’t ready.

I googled and Pinterested different ideas and I literally got stressed out because I wanted to have the perfect potted plant on my front porch. So the planter just sat there, empty, for a good solid couple weeks while I debated on what to put in the stinkin’ pot. (… see what I did there? 😏)Then one day, it hit me – who cares what Pinterest says is pretty or trendy or best or whatever. Just do what you want! So I hopped in the Prius, drove myself the 7 minutes to Menards, and picked out the flowers that I thought were pretty – not caring what might possibly look better or grow better on that side of the house or be more economical. I decided to wing it! To just try it out and if it looks awful or the flowers die quickly or whatever – at least I tried and can learn for next time! 

So yesterday – one of the flowers bloomed and it was/is beautiful! And I feel like I can actually take ownership for the arrangement because Pinterest or google or whatever didn’t tell me how. So I’ve officially decided to live life less by Pinterest and more by me (and the Bible – just had to put that in there) and to try (as difficult as it may be) to not lean so heavily on what others say is cool and more on what I say is cool.

P.S. I am not quitting Pinterest fully. I can tell you that I was on there last night looking for back patio ideas and recipes like every other girl out there. Just trying to alter the weight that I put on its “truths” and have more of a mind of my own. The end.

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