Dang good noodle-less lasagna! 

I don’t really remember when or why… but recently Josh and I were talking about how you could make lasagna out of butternut squash instead of noodles. The conversation is also a little hazy (you’d think I’d have pregnancy brain, but I’m not pregnant…) but he basically didn’t believe me or something so I said I’d try to make one.

I hopped on over to one of my favorite healthy blogs, Skinnytaste, and she had a recipe for Noodleless Butternut Squash Lasagna. I took a chance and made it for some friends who came over for dinner on Friday night (I know… why do I always try new recipes on my unsuspecting guests?) … but y’all… it was good! So good! Everyone agreed! I was thrilled! And I had another excuse to use my Inspiralizer and it actually worked… so I was double thrilled!If you’re looking for a less carby, just as delicious lasagna – this is the one for you! (You don’t need an Inspiralizer to make one, btw, just some mad knife skills or a mandolin.) Happy Monday!

P.S. I also made a super easy Dutch oven “artisan” type bread that was a hit. Check it out! (This lady’s YouTube video is pretty awesome as well…)

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