I remember reading that you can find all sorts of life lessons in gardening. We learned ours this past week.

Back at the end of February we planted some seeds from a packet of wildflowers around our compost pile. I love the look of wildflowers and we thought we’d spruce up the thing a bit. As of a couple of weeks ago we hadn’t seen any blooms. It just looked like a pile of weeds. We had pretty much given up. Josh even suggested that we till it up and start over next year. I told him it was low on my priority list so we could do it some other weekend.

… then we got a bloom! Four months of waiting (which actually doesn’t seem that long… but when your green beans pop up in like a week, your long game abilities shorten a bit…) and we finally have flowers! I’m hoping it fills out even more but check out these beautiful flowers! We were pretty stoked and were reminded that you shouldn’t give up on things – you never know when they are going to bloom.

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