Adult Education.

I am currently on a flight to LA to have a mini vacation with my favorite guy. Don’t tell him… but I maybe paid $8 to use their wifi. Why? 1. Because I’ve been up since 4:30am and I can’t sleep and I’ve got to find something to do to kill the time. 2. It’s a 3.5 hour flight. 3. Why not? (I thought I had more good reasons… but I don’t.) So I though I’d spend some time catching up on the blog and let you know what I’ve been up to lately.

Since I was in college and lived with my beloved friends the Haslags, I’ve had a love for fresh flowers at home. I used to think that they had to be for some special occasion like an anniversary or a funeral or something… But Sara would just buy them for herself and put them in the house… and I loved it. So these days… it’s pretty much a constant to have fresh flowers in the Agee household.

Along with my love for flowers, I have also grown to love arranging them myself. I can’t just buy a bouquet and throw it in a vase… I love to pick out different flowers and put them together and what not. Recently I made a couple of flower “arrangements” (if you can even call them that) for a baby shower for a friend and was discussing with another friend how I really wanted to attend a floral arranging class so I could learn how to do it well. A week later she sent me a text of a floral workshop in town that she came across… and after some debate (it was $75… a bit pricey, I suppose) I found a friend to go with me and we went for it.

It was at this cute place in town call Pink Antlers Studio. They sell a lot of cute party goods, paper goods, home decor… pretty much anything that’s beautiful. My friend Danielle and I walked in their shop and we looked and each other and both said, “I’m going to love this place…” They also host workshops, like this floral arranging workshop, which is pretty cool.

There was this long (cute) table with a vase and floral sheers for each one of us in the middle of the store. Plus a plethora of beautiful fresh flowers to the side that we got to choose from. The lady who was teaching the class started this business called Bloom Academy – I guess she does classes like this often. She was a florist for weddings for a while, then started a family, and decided she wanted to do something a little less demanding and so she started teaching people how to do it. She started the class by showing us how to do everything… prep flowers, cut flowers, pick flowers, care for flowers, arrange flowers… By the end I felt like I pro. Then we got to try it ourselves… pick our own flowers and take a crack at it. All the while surrounded by the cute shop and yummy treats from a local bakery. I was in creative heaven…

Emily, from Bloom Academy.
Pretty flowers…
Hey, Danielle!
Flowers are prepped!
Bad pic of random lady – but these were our flower options.

My finished product… still have a lot to learn but it’s a start!

I loved it! I loved learning something new of an area of interest. I’ve decided I need to be doing more things like that… Finding things I enjoy and trying to learn more. People talk about continuing your education as an adult and I always think, “But what would I want to learn about? I don’t want to go back and take Calculus or something…” But it doesn’t have to be like that! It could be a floral arranging class, or a dance lesson, or a watercolor tutorial, or taking cello lessons… The options are endless! I’d encourage you to keep learning… I know I’m going to!

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